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   Book Review: Voices of Pentecost

Book Review: Voices of Pentecost

Vinson Synan, Voices of Pentecost (Servant Publications, 2003), 180 pages.

Vinson Synan wrote this book at the urging of the publisher and Bert Ghezzi, his good friend. I know that name but cannot remember why. This book is a small soft covered volume that contains a quotation, testimony or witness from 60 men and women who over the centuries have contributed to the Pentecostal movement, though most lived in the last 2-300 years.

Each testimony runs 2-3 pages. I recognized 52 of the people Synan chose to include. I have spoken to eleven on the list and worked for two of them. It is interesting to read about the Pentecostal movement when one has been part of that movement.

The great majority of those listed had no idea that their words would ever go farther than the audience to which those words were originally directed. I tell my Bible college students that they will speak words like these, words that God will take and use to ignite others to do great things for this world because my students are part of another Kingdom.

I will no doubt bring this little book to classes in the future and read various testimonies at appropriate moments. Our Pentecostal world needs to assemble all it can to describe and define our history.

Reviewed by H. Murray Hohns

H. Murray Hohns teaches at Foursquare's Pacific Rim Bible College in Honolulu, is on staff at the largest church in Hawaii and has served on his denomination's investment committee since 1999. Hohns has two degrees in Civil Engineering and a MA in Theology from Fuller Seminary. He has written five engineering books and hundreds of articles in every type of newspaper, magazine and journal.

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