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   How Old Will I Be In Heaven?

How Old Will I Be In Heaven?

by Daniel A. Brown

How Old Will I Be In Heaven?

That brings up the question, How old will we be in Heaven—will everyone be the same age, regardless of their age of death on earth? This is most often asked by mothers who have lost a child in the womb or very early in childhood. Understandably, parents want to know the nature of their future relationship with a child lost in infancy or early adulthood. Many mothers and fathers have been disallowed from carrying a child through infancy, or enjoying a child for all the teenage years, or developing the unique friendship that can form with adult-children. Death has deprived us of so much on earth! Even when we have enjoyed our children fully, we still taste a degree of death (impending separation) in the tears we cry at their graduation or wedding. Our hearts long to recapture the moments and the memories stolen from us by the thief, the prince of this world, (John 12:31 and Ephesians 2:2) whose whole agenda is to steal, kill and destroy. (John 10:10)

It is comforting to realize that one of Jesus' descriptions of eternal life is abundant. Whatever measure of lost life and lost relationship has resulted from sin in the earth, exactly the opposite (and even more) will be our portion in Heaven. The kind of affection and intimacy that is so fleeting on earth in the best of cases with family and friends, will be the "order of the day" in Heaven where time does not pass and we do not age. In this world we experience all sorts of loss—loved ones, careers, dreams, moments. In the life to come, loss will be unknown; regret, disappointment and "second-guessing" will not exist in any form.

In the tender book I'll Hold You in Heaven, Jack Hayford writes that parents who lost an unborn child "will meet him or her some day, and will simply 'know' who they are." After death we are not "airy ghosts floating somewhere in space." We can only speculate about the age and the features of such children as they will appear in Heaven. As Dr. Hayford continues, their appearance "is as unpredictable to you now as it was before [their] birth, but it is very possibly like the body his or her genetic code would have dictated had the child lived" on earth.

Though the Bible does not give an exact age for the inhabitants of Heaven, we will be changeless like the Lord, and probably look like adults—before they begin to age [on earth]. The earliest inhabitants of the earth, like Adam and Eve, and their nearest descendants lived hundreds of years. (Genesis 5) Seth, Cain and Abel's younger brother, lived a total of nine hundred and twelve years. Did he look appreciably different at age ninety-four than he did at six hundred and twelve? A very long life tends to make one age look very much like another. Eternity makes age a moot point! Our heavenly bodies will be ageless.

By Daniel A. Brown, Ph.D. From www.coastlands.org. Used with permission of the author.

Prepared for the Pneuma Foundation website by Todd H.