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Total Articles: 18
Summer 2008 "Book Review: Whose Land? Whose Promise?" by Calvin L. Smith, reviewer - Gary M. Burge, Whose Land? Whose Promise? What Christians Are Not Being Told About Israel and the Palestinians (Pilgrim Press, 2003).9KB
Winter 2007 "Book Review: Rediscovering the Triune God" by Wolfgang Vondey, reviewer. - Stanley J. Grenz, Rediscovering the Triune God: The Trinity in Contemporary Theology (Fortress Press, 2004)8KB
Summer 2006 "Book Review: Protecting Your Church Against Sexual Predators" by Kirk Wesley Hunt, reviewer. - Voyle Glover, Protecting Your Church Against Sexual Predators (Grand Rapids, MI: Kregel, 2005), 133 pages.5KB
Summer 2006 "Periodical Review: "Inhabiting the Biblical Narrative"" by John Datema, reviewer. - Tony Jones, "Inhabiting the Biblical Narrative: How I Learned to Stop Doing Bible Studies and Start Loving the Bible Again" Youthworker (May/Jun 2004, Vol 20, No 5), pages 30-34.5KB
Summer 2005 "Fruitful Repentance" by Daniel A. Brown - Do you dread repentance? Do you really change when you repent? Pastor Brown challenges us to discard our folklore about repentance and learn what God says about it.4KB
Winter 2005 "Review Essay: The Healing Promise - A Charismatic Response" by Graham Old - Pastor Graham Old reviews the book The Healing Promise by cessationist Richard Mayhue.53KB
Winter 2005 "Rightly Understanding God's Word: Bible Background" by Craig S. Keener - Part 2 of 2. More examples of using cultural background. Take a course on how to interpret the Bible from Professor Keener.43KB
Winter 2004 "Rightly Understanding God's Word: Whole Book Context" by Craig S. Keener - Part 1 of 2. What can the overall context tell us about how to read each book of the Bible?39KB
Winter 2004 "Rightly Understanding God's Word: Whole Book Context" by Craig S. Keener - Part 1 of 2. Now available in the Bulgarian language thanks to translator Alexandrina S.252KB
Summer 2001 "Afterword: Beyond the Charismatic Experience" by Robert W. Graves - This conclusion to the Praying in the Spirit series. Includes the full bibliographical citations from the series.41KB
Summer 2001 "God's Heart for Unity" by Gary Best - From the Worship Leader Series25KB
Spring 2001 "How to Birth Worship Leadership" by David Crabtree - From the Worship Leader series.22KB
Spring 2001 "Singing in the Spirit" by Robert W. Graves - From the Praying in the Spirit series24KB
Spring 2001 "Periodical Review: Flowing into The Mainstream" by Raul Mock, reviewer. - Lauren Winner, "Flowing into The Mainstream" Publisher's Weekly (Sept. 11, 2000).4KB
Winter 2001 "Growing Deep, Growing Strong" by H. Murray Hohns - Why commitment to a local church is not just an option.12KB
Winter 2001 "Periodical Review: The Seven Deadly Signs" by Raul Mock, reviewer. - John G. Stackhouse, Jr., "The Seven Deadly Signs" Christianity Today (June 12, 2000).6KB
Summer 2000 "The Ninth Hour" by Kevin M. Williams - Messianic teacher Kevin Williams shows that there is a tremendous amount of significance to the ninth hour. Be deepened in your understanding of the reality of First-Century life in this eye-opening article.265KB
Summer 2000 "How to Work Toward Racial Reconciliation" by Cecil M. Robeck, Jr16KB