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What's New at www.PneumaFoundation.org
New Articles, Links, and other Features
New Article from the PNEUMA REVIEW
New In Depth Resources: Articles by Pentecostal/charismatic Scholars
New features in the background
Highlighting Some Great Content
Changing your links to: www.PneumaFoundation.ORG
Getting Involved
Reports from Around the World
Iran: Armenian woman meets Jesus on her deathbed
France: new interest in Christianity
Helping with Reports
Other News and Headlines
Report the News
Responses from Readers
Resources You Can Use
Responding to the Da Vinci Code
Recommended by Web Evangelism Bulletin
Excerpts from the PNEUMA REVIEW
Prayer Requests

What's New at www.PneumaFoundation.org

New Articles, Links, and other FeaturesNew Article from the PNEUMA REVIEWNew In Depth Resources: Articles by Pentecostal/charismatic Scholars
  • In Depth Resources Index: http://www.pneumafoundation.org/resources/in_depth.jsp
    In Depth papers, book reviews, and links to online resources for Christian thinkers, scholars, and students of God's Word.
  • Letter to Cardinal Kasper C. Mel Robeck sends a letter of remembrances and condolences regarding the death of Pope John Paul II. Professor Robeck is the Pentecostal co-chair of the International Roman Catholic-Pentecostal Dialogue. Added April 8, 2005. http://www.pneumafoundation.org/resources/articles/letter_cmrobeck.pdf

Also, be sure to check out the "What's New" section on the Pneuma Foundation homepage. New articles and other features are being added regularly.

New features in the background

Although there is no way for someone visiting the www.PneumaFoundation.org site to know this, the entire site is now being developed and deployed through the use of an advanced system called CVS, concurrent version server. CVS allows the webmaster and assistants to always have the latest version of all of the files used by the web site as well as those pages and features still in development. Web development teammembers "checkout" the entire site to their own computers and then commit changes when they have made them. All of the teammembers load the latest onto their local machine when they connect to the server, always having the latest version. For backup purposes, the server keeps all versions. Our goal as the Pneuma Foundation web team is to make more resources available to our members and friends worldwide, and this new system helps us do that efficiently.

Thanks to Webmaster Dave Driggs for making this technology available and usable by the volunteer web team. He has already implemented other changes likes this to bring our new web server to a greater level of expandability.

Stay informed of new features coming which make the www.pneumafoundation.org site more usable and interesting, and please pray for the web team to be able to implement these new features quickly. Telling others about the love, power, and forgiveness found only in Jesus Christ is an awesome privilege and responsibility, and we cannot do so without your support.

Tell us about your web site
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Highlighting Some Great Content
  • Have you ever heard of the Keswick movement? Do you know how the Keswick conventions had a significant impact on the development of holiness and Pentecostal movements? Read a paper on the subject by Peter Althouse in the In Depth Resources index entitled "Wesleyan and Reformed Impulses in the Keswick and Pentecostal Movements"
    * The In Depth Resources index: http://www.pneumafoundation.org/resources/in_depth.jsp
    * A direct link to the article: http://www.pneumafoundation.org/article.jsp?article=/Keswick-PAlthouse.xml
  • "Answering the Cessationists' Case against Continuing Spiritual Gifts" by Jon Ruthven. Professor Ruthven helps us respond biblically and intelligently to arguments made against the continuing supernatural ministry of the Holy Spirit. From the Spring 2000 issue of the Pneuma Review (Vol 3, No 2).
    Go to the article directly: http://www.pneumafoundation.org/resources/articles/answers02.pdf
    Find other great articles from the Pneuma Review: http://www.pneumafoundation.org/article_archive.jsp

Changing your links to: www.PneumaFoundation.ORG
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Getting Involved

How can you participate with the Pneuma Foundation in equipping others for service? Here are some practical ways you can become involved with fulfilling our vision for ministry.

Domain name pledge (from the February 2004 PNEUMA INFORMER)

Pledging financial support: the generous gifts of our members and friends make the continuation of this ministry possible. Write to Member Services about how you can be informed of financial needs and how you can receive monthly pledge cards. Even small gifts, regular or one-time, mean a great deal to the volunteer staff of the Foundation. http://www.pneumafoundation.org/contactus.jsp

Invitation for submitting articles, sermons, and papers (from the February/March 2005 PNEUMA INFORMER) http://www.pneumafoundation.org/pi.jsp?pi=/2005/pi_0203_2005.xml#N10185

Writing Opportunity: Responding to a Misunderstanding (from the February/March 2005 PNEUMA INFORMER) http://www.pneumafoundation.org/pi.jsp?pi=/2005/pi_0203_2005.xml#N10146

Linking to www.PneumaFoundation.org When you tell others about the Pneuma Foundation web-site, you are pointing others to a online resource center stocked with valuable research, practical know-how, and biblical instruction. http://www.pneumafoundation.org/pi.jsp?pi=/2004/pi_0910_2004.xml#N10104

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Reporting the News Have you read or heard a report about news important to Pentecostal/charismatic Christians? Do you have a testimony of what God is doing in the world? Share it with the Foundation staff and they will consider telling others about it in the PNEUMA INFORMER or online. http://www.pneumafoundation.org/pi.jsp?pi=/2005/pi_0203_2005.xml#N100F7
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Reports from Around the World

Iran: Armenian woman meets Jesus on her deathbed
An Armenian woman lay dying in hospital" reported Open Doors in their monthly bulletin. The doctors discharged her, so that she could die at home. She was a Christian, at least in name, but her faith never meant much to her. One day, she suffered an attack of self-pity while lying in bed waiting for her Muslim neighbors to visit. Her gaze wandered to a picture of Jesus on her wall. "Why don't you help me?" she complained. Suddenly, Jesus started speaking. Somehow, he appeared in her room, and said "I've been wanting to come to you, but you never invited me." He touched her softly, and the woman gave him her life. Right then, there came a knock at the door - the Muslim neighbor and his wife had come. As they came into the room, they sensed that something was different. The room was still filled with the glory of Jesus' presence. They both fell to their knees, and the Armenian woman told them what had happened. The couple were so shocked that they both gave their lives to Jesus. Since then, nine of the husband's employees have also been saved.
Source: Open Doors by way of FridayFax 2005:8

France: new interest in Christianity
According to a study in 2003, 32% of the French who call themselves Christians had recently returned to their faith. In 1994, the number was only 13%. "Is Europe's most secular nation rediscovering its Christian roots?" asks Agnieszka Tennant in Christianity Today. At the start of the 21st Century, the postmodern French seem to have deconstructed Deconstructionism, seen through Socialism's promised Utopia, and recognized that wine and other sensual pleasures can only partially fill what French philosopher Blaise Pascal called "the God-shaped hole in us." "During the sexual revolution in the 1960's, French intellectuals declared 'it is forbidden to forbid,'" says Mark Farmer, ex-pastor of a Baptist church in Paris. In his hotly-debated book Re-founding the World: The Western Testament, Jean-Claude Guillebaud calls on the French to examine and rediscover their own Judeo-Christian roots. "The 20th Century was a century of disillusionment," he says. "Marxism, evolution, socialism, hedonism, wars - what did we gain from them? Where does the human ability to discern good and evil come from, which transcends every culture?" he asks, and points to God.
God, your shares are on the rise!
"Bible sales are currently at an all-time high in France," reports the French Bible Society's Christian Bonnet. Completely unexpectedly, 100,000 Bibles and 50,000 New Testaments were sold in 2003. La Bible Expliquee, a Bible with explanations for seekers, sold 80,000 copies in the first month, even in secular bookshops and supermarkets. "God, your shares are on the rise!" wrote a business magazine in a 72-page report on the sudden rise of religious interest in the post-materialistic age. "Since 1950, the number of Evangelicals in France has multiplied sevenfold, from 50,000 to 350,000," says Tennant, and many nominal Catholics have experienced a renewal of their faith through Alpha Courses. Daniel Liechti, who researches church planting for France Mission, estimates that one new church was planted in France every 11 days for the past 35 years.
Evangelical Catholics
40 million of the 60 million French population consider themselves Catholics, but only 5 million attend a church service at least once each month. There are some 5 million Muslims, 650,000 Jews and one million Protestants. "Up to one third of the active Protestants have an evangelical mindset," says Liechti, and the Evangelicals are growing: "There were 760 Evangelical churches in 1970; now there are 1,850 plus another 800 to 1,000 immigrant churches." "The secular climate has made allies of Evangelicals and Gospel-oriented or 'evangelical' Catholics, as well as Reformed and Lutheran Christians," writes Tennant. The Catholic Archbishop of Paris, Jean-Marie Cardinal Lustiger, says that Catholics have received two good things from the Protestants: the charismatic movement and the Alpha Course, which is booming in Catholic parishes: in 1998, five Alpha courses were held; in 2004, the number had grown to 303. According to Henri Blocher, French church leader and Bible School teacher, it is predominantly the 20- to 30-year-olds who are throwing their socialist parents' cynicism overboard. "They are Europe's Christian hope," he says.
Source: Christianity Today summarized by FridayFax 2005:10

Helping with Reports
The PNEUMA INFORMER editor is looking for volunteers that could help gather and format reports for publication in this email newsletter. If you would be interested in helping with this, or if you have a one-time suggestion of an encouraging story or report of what God is doing in the world, please write to the INFORMER editor by using the email address found on the Contact Us page.

Other News and Headlines
Visit links.jsp for Current News and Links

See other news to pray and praise God about in the Prayer Requests department below.

Report the News

We are looking for stories about what God is doing in the world, reports about the persecution of Christians, and information about significant trends and ministry opportunities. If you have a news item to report, please send an email to the PNEUMA INFORMER. http://www.pneumafoundation.org/contactus.jsp


Responses from Readers

That report about what God is doing in Iran [appeared in the February and March 2005 issue of the PNEUMA INFORMER] is very exciting. To hear that government officials have admitted that there are 50 new followers of Jesus every day is astounding.
- Source: ILJ

Subject: The Article "Better Than I Was, Not Better Than You Are" Robert Graves. Available online: http://www.pneumafoundation.org/resources/articles/rwgraves006.pdf
Dear Editor,
I am what I would define as a Charismatic Southern Baptist, although I don't like denominationalism or terminology designed to define someone's beliefs or interpretation of the Word of God. God is taking me through a new visitation of the subject of the baptism in the Holy Spirit. I wholeheartedly agreed with his article and appreciated his fresh perspective on the division and rivalry between the have's and have-nots.
Keep up the good work. To the unity in the body of Christ.
- Source: Dave G

I do appreciate what God is using you people to do all over the world. God bless you all.
- Source: Rev EU

You are doing a great job. This website is packed with good stuff. Keep it up!
- Source: ICR

Dear Editor,
Greetings in Jesus Name. I visited your site today and was impressed with your good work for the Lord.
God bless you.
- Source: Apostle N

I'm so happy to find such a rich source of Holy Spirit information that I'm filing you under my "Favorites."
- Source: Mrs. CP

I have only just recently found your web-suite. I have been over whelmed with joy and blessings as to the very good and informative articles which can be downloaded. We are literally starved with lack of good teaching materials, as in books tapes CD's etc. The wealth of good teaching one finds in your ministry is overwhelming. I will be using this material to not only teach myself but to reach and teach and touch others. I find so much LIFE CHANGING teaching in you articles that must be shared.
Yours In Christ and In HIS service.
- Source: Jerry and Jenny M.

Thank you very much for your newsletter of December 2004. I was very happy to read the content of edition.
- Source: CR

I appreciate receiving the monthly updates.
- Source: Grant


Resources You Can Use

Responding to the Da Vinci Code
RBC Ministries (Radio Bible Class), publishers of the Our Daily Bread daily devotional, have produced an engaging online response to the popular but deceptive novel The Da Vinci Code. www.rbcdavincicode.com [as of July 14, 2015, link is no longer functional]
Dennis from RBC Ministries wrote: "Please be in prayer that God would use [the Da Vinci Code Web Site] to expose error and shine a light on biblical truth."
In addition to this extensive online answers site, RBC Ministries offers their study booklet "The Da Vinci Code: Separating Fact From Fiction," which may be directly downloaded from http://www.rbc.org/davinci/pdf/q1117.pdf [as of July 14, 2015, link is no longer functional]

Also highly recommended: "Decoding The Da Vinci Code" from Christian History & Biography online. http://www.christianitytoday.com/history/special/davincicode.html [as of July 14, 2015, link is no longer functional]

Recommended by Web Evangelism Bulletin

English Teaching
The JESUS film offers an English Teaching curriculum on-line which uses the film as a teaching tool: www.jesusfilm.org/resources/window/

Turkish Books
For a list of about 50 titles of evangelistic books and Bible study books available in Turkish: www.habercibilgi.com

Looking for a Ministry?
If your Christian organization is looking to fill an important position, or if you are searching for a new opportunity in ministry, there is new resource. LifeWay recently unveiled the Ministry Personnel Center. Designed in cooperation with ChurchStaffing.com, Ministry Personnel Center features a wide range of options for organizations and job-seekers alike: www.lifeway.com/jobboard

Church Central
Church Central is a portal dedicated to equipping leaders to grow healthier churches. Church Central also publishes the email newsletter "Church Health Today" and trains church consultants through a national program developed by author and speaker Dr. Thom S. Rainer: www.churchcentral.com

Source: Web Evangelism Bulletin, March (i) 2005


Excerpts from the PNEUMA REVIEW

The PNEUMA REVIEW is a quarterly printed journal of ministry resources and theology for Pentecostal and charismatic ministries and leaders. For more information about the PNEUMA REVIEW, and to learn how to subscribe, please visit: Introducing the PNEUMA REVIEW. www.pneumafoundation.org/intro_pr.jsp

Buy the PNEUMA REVIEW online at Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0000D8CY9
Write a review online for the PNEUMA REVIEW!

In order to complete this issue of the INFORMER while it is still April, no excerpts from the journal will be included.


Prayer Requests

  • Please join the Pneuma Foundation volunteer staff in praying about financial needs that have arisen recently. There are US$300 in expenses that need to be paid as soon as possible. If you would like more information about this financial need, please contact Member Services. www.pneumafoundation.org/contactus.jsp
  • The Center for Spiritual Renewal (www.spiritualrenewal.net) has asked for prayer that a planned convention will foster biblical unity that exemplifies Christ and humble service: "the Lord has opened the door for the Center to facilitate an unprecedented coming together of key Pentecostal/charismatic leaders from around the world. We ask your prayers for the Together 2005 meeting which will take place in Los Angeles this May."
  • Pray for believers in Belarus: The authorities' latest move against the charismatic New Life Church in Minsk is to cut off the electricity supply, forcing the church to borrow a generator to provide electricity. The power cut off came a day after the state energy inspectorate surveyed the building by order of Minsk's senior religious affairs official, Alla Ryabitseva. "We won't leave the property," church administrator Vasily Yurevich told Forum 18 News Service. "We're ready to fight to the end." The authorities have made a series of hostile moves against the church, including fining Yurevich 150 times the minimum monthly wage for organizing religious worship without state permission. On the 14th of March, New Life received a letter from Minsk city administration denying the church re-registration under Belarus' religion law. The letter claimed that re-registration was not possible because the church building is designated as a cowshed, the church has allegedly given insufficient information about the election procedure of the church council chairman, and the basic forms of church activity are allegedly not given in line with the requirements of the 2002 religion law.
    Source: Forum18 http://www.forum18.org/Archive.php?article_id=525
  • Pray for a healing miracle for Wisdom B. in the Philippines. Wisdom is the young son of an Assemblies of God pastor who has cancer and has had to have a leg amputated. A friend of the family writes: "He's undergoing some chemotherapy but doctors discovered that the cancer has reached his right lung and now spreading to the left lung. In spite of his condition, the little boy is still optimistic of God's healing promise and keeps telling his father that he wants to become a pastor someday. ... Please let us all continue praying for a mighty healing miracle for Wisdom and that the good Lord Jesus will comfort, strengthen and give wisdom to his parents as they care for their beloved son. We may not fully understand everything God allows us to experience in life but we can always trust the Lord to give His best for His children. Thank you so much for your time and prayers. God's Spirit be with us all.
    - Bro. Jun Monzon"
  • Robin B. in Chennai, India, has asked for prayer for finances to be able to continue studying for preparation for ministry. Reference number: 90017540
  • Pastor Steve Busulwa writes: "I need God's hand to deliver healing and hope to the patients and orphans." He asks for prayer: "1. That I am able to continue reaching out to the vulnerable orphans who lost their parents to AIDS, and improve the school structure where these orphans attend school. (Currently they are in a temporary shelter).
    2. That I may reach out to the indigent HIV/AIDS patients in our community with the word of God, and rehydration solutions to give them hope and strength in the Lord."
  • Will, one of the volunteers who has assisted with the Foundation website, will be entering a degree program in Logic and Philosophy of Science this September. He writes: "Thank you for your prayers for direction. I am now asking for God's favour on my applications for a number of scholarships, which will help to pay for it."
  • Pray for Christians in Eritrea, Africa: In a continuing crackdown of Christians, a group of Sunday school teachers and students were recently arrested in the Eritrea capital of Asmara. On Feb. 19, 131 children, between the ages of 2 and 18, were attending classes at Medhane Alem Orthodox Church in Asmara when they were apprehended by police, according to Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW). After the children were taken to the police station, they reportedly sang in a loud voice: "I am not afraid of persecution, hardships and even death. Nobody can separate me from the love of Jesus Christ. He died on the cross and He gave me new life." The policemen ordered the children to stop singing, but they continued despite their threats, CSW said.
    Most of the students remain jailed with their teachers at a local police station, Compass Direct reported. The Medhane Alem congregation has normally been exempted from the government's harsh crackdown against Protestant churches, some of whom suffer imprisonment in metal shipping containers or underground cells for refusing to renounce their faith. However, the entire Medhane Alem ministry was ordered closed down by government officials. No explanation has been given for the closure.
    As of March 8, 2005, are have been at least 214 Eritrean Christians arrested by police since the beginning of the year.
    Source: CharismaNOW (March 8, 2005). Used with permission. http://www.charismanow.com/a.php?ArticleID=10760
  • Pray for all affected by the December 26 Tsunami: Pastor Abraham Emmanuel in Sri Lanka reports that the needs are still great in providing for the physical needs of the many thousands of people affected by this disaster. Some reports and pictures of his ministry is available online: http://groups.msn.com/Pas-Emmanuel/shoebox.msnw. For a copy of his letter, write to Member Services. Pray for opportunities to share the life-giving story of Jesus with those who have not heard and have previously rejected His love because of the hardness of their hearts.
  • Pastor BT in India writes: "please pray for our school staff and students."
  • Pray for Christians in Pakistan: A pastor was recently killed after reportedly being tortured. The bodies of Shamoun Babar, 37, and his driver, Daniel Emanuel, 36, were found on April 7 in Peshawar, the capital of North West Frontier Province, AsiaNews reported.
    According to the All Pakistan Minorities Alliance (APMA), Babar and Emanuel were kidnapped on April 5, Assist News Service (ANS) reported. The investigation so far has led to the arrest of a man and woman, both accused of double homicide.
    Babar belonged to the Jesus Pan Gospel Church in Yousafabad, near Peshawar. Some family members told APMA that Babar had been receiving anonymous threats, asking him to stop church activities.
    APMA said the increasing number of attacks on believers is terrifying Pakistani Christians, ANS reported. On Easter Sunday, Islamic gunmen opened fire, killing one worshiper and severely injuring seven others during an attack on the Apostolic Church at Khamba near Lahore.
    Source: CharismaNOW (April 19, 2005). Used with permission. http://www.charismanow.com/a.php?ArticleID=10977


  • Condolences to the Dave Driggs family on the homegoing of his wife's father. David Hazlett, aged 52, went to be with Jesus his Savior on Sunday, April 10, 2005. Dave Driggs is webmaster for the Pneuma Foundation.