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Download "An Evaluation of the History of Pentecostal Dalits in Kerala" by Yesunatha Das. For more information, or to download the PDF document, see above. 182KB
Download the full issue of Refleks (1-2 2002). The Refleks Journal is a bilingual (Norwegian and English) scholarly journal dedicated to the study of the Holiness Movement, Pentecostalism and neo-Pentecostalism. This issue includes English articles: "Healing in Redemption" by Joseph McIntyre and "Reconstructing Word of Faith Theology" by Derek Vreeland as well as excellent book reviews. 970KB
PENSÉES by Blaise Pascal (1660). English translation in text format. 196KB

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Hebraic Studies

  • Day of Atonement Suggested by Kevin W.: "The Temple Institute has some great material (with pictures), on the Yom Kippur service as it would have been conducted in the days of Jesus and the disciples. Of course, it is strictly from an Orthodox Jewish perspective, but if anyone knows how it was observed, these guys do."
  • Asah Shema Beit Midrash "Messianic Jewish resources. Explore the wonders of Mashiach, Torah and life."
  • Jewish Encyclopedia contains the complete 12-volume Jewish Encyclopedia, which was originally published between 1901-1906, now in the public domain. Suggested by Kevin W.

Jewish Studies

  • Holocaust Survivors stories and interviews, from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Suggested by Web Evangelism Newsletter October (i) 06


  • Joel Carpenter, "Now What?: Revivalist Christianity and Global South politics" (Books & Culture, Mar/Apr 2009).
  • Flaw of the Excluded Middle Entry from Evangelical Dictionary of World Missions (Baker, 2000) available from "Folk Religions" course notes, taught at Wheaton by Dr. A. Scott Moreau.
  • Global Missiology is a free quarterly online publication with original research and contributions from practitioners and scholars of international representation with global perspectives. Chinese and French editions are also available with articles that are not translations of the English, but rather original contributions from specialists working in those language contexts. Suggested by Brigada Today 2007/09/28.
  • "Paul Hiebert: A Life Remembered" by Robert J. Priest. "... Soon Paul's essays on conversion (contrasting 'bounded-set' vs. 'centered-set' thinking), critical contextualization, split-level Christianity, and self-theologizing were establishing many of his ideas as core concepts of the discipline. Paul sometimes wrote for missionary practitioners, as in his Anthropological Insights for Missionaries (Baker, 1985), which has sold over 50,000 copies. But many of his writings aimed, successfully, at influencing missiology as a field. For example, according to Darrell Whiteman, former editor of Missiology, Paul's essay on 'Critical Contextualization' has been employed as a theoretical framework in more missiology Ph.D. dissertations in the last twenty years than any other single missiological contribution. ..." (Books & Culture, September/October 2007).
  • David J. Hesselgrave, Paradigms in Conflict: 10 Key Questions in Christian Missions Today (Kregel, 2005). Reviewed by James A. Borland. As appearing in the Spring 2007 issue of the Pneuma Review.
  • "What the Global Church Wants the West to Know About Partnership" Presented by Dr. Paul R. Gupta, President Hindustan Bible Institute & College, India at the COSIM Conference, Orlando, Florida June 20-22, 2005.
  • "The Expansion of Christianity: An Interview with Andrew Walls." See also a review of his book The Missionary Movement in Christian History.
  • Journals on Missiology

Christians in the Public Square

  • Guenther "Gene" Haas, "Creational Ethics is Public Ethics" Journal for Christian Theological Research 12 (2007). (.pdf)
    Abstract: This paper presents the framework and key doctrines relevant to public moral engagement as found in the Reformed or neo-Calvinist tradition shaped by Abraham Kuyper and his disciples. My thesis is that Christian ethics is public ethics because it is creational ethics. Christian ethics has a place in the public arena because it is the articulation of the creational moral order that constitutes and guides all human beings. Neo-Calvinism considers the creation order as foundational. The fall of creation and its redemption must be understood in relation to this foundational doctrine. But the creational order also shapes the nature of Christian involvement in the public domain. The final section highlights some implications of this for involvement in public life. | Suggested by TS: "You may not be a fan of Kuyper or neo-Calvinist thought, but I think this should be read by anyone interested in understanding how Reformed folks approach cultural and political engagement."

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