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The following ministries and ministry leaders have requested to be sponsored for a subscription to the Pneuma Review

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  • Pastor in Sri Lanka who is training evangelists to go to very difficult areas of that nation. Reference Number: 90006470
  • A Christian leader in Tanzania involved in church planting, evangelism, and discipleship training. He writes: "God has gifted you to produce a periodical that goes deeply into some particular subjects in the Bible. I anticipate that the Pneuma Review will enrich and further my knowledge of the word of God. A worker of Jesus must be as well equipped as he can for ministry." Reference Number: 90006464
  • Pentecostal equipper ministry in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia is seeking sponsorship to the Pneuma Review to further their ministry to pastors and Christian workers. Reference number: 90006452
  • A pioneering evangelist reaching out to rural communities in southern India seeks to be sponsored to receive the Pneuma Review journal. Reference Number: 90006485
  • An assistant pastor in Lome, Togo (West Africa) is seeking sponsorship for his church's leadership training program. He writes: "We need the Pneuma Review in our mission to equip pastors, leaders, saints, in understanding the Word of God and being trained for the work of the ministry." Reference Number: 90006491
  • Evangelist in Ghana writes: "I will use Pneuma Review to train and equip church leaders for effective ministry." Reference Number: 90006497
  • "As evangelists and church planters, we train members of the church for soul-winning and pastoral care. I personally believe in making use of every opportunity in God's house that is available and can be used for the promotion of the gospel. That is why I want to receive the Pneuma Review. I will use it as part of the Church teaching material." Reference Number: 90012152
  • Church planter in South Africa writes: "We are literally starved with lack of good teaching materials. The wealth of good teaching one finds in your ministry is overwhelming. I will be using this material to not only teach myself but to reach and teach and touch others. I find so much LIFE CHANGING teaching in you articles that must be shared." Reference Number: 90017213
  • An apostolic church planter in Ghana says that receiving the Pneuma Review "will help me to reach more souls and also train more leaders who can take spiritual responsibilities." Reference Number: 90014243
  • National Coordinator for Deaf Ministries based in Mombassa, Kenya seeks a Pneuma Review subscription sponsorship as part their program to further "equip the ministry and give it capacity to bring forth more disciples of Christ (Mark 16:15; Matt 28:19-20). At the moment, the ministry has limited human and material resources, thus limiting its capacity to implement all the commanded: 'Feed my lambs, tend my sheep, feed my sheep' (John 21:15-17)." Reference Number: 90011837
  • A pastor in Namyslow, Poland would is seeking a sponsorship to the Pneuma Review in order to be built up spiritually and to broaden his theological knowledge. Reference Number: 90009398
  • A Pastor in Malawi seeks the Pneuma Review to deepen the ministers being raised up through a Bible school, helping them to more effectively show and tell about the love, power, and forgiveness found only in Jesus. The ministries associated with this church movement reach into Congo, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Zambia and are involved in caring for orphans and offering lasting help to the needy by providing vocational training. Reference number: 90020417.
  • National Coordinator for a church planting ministry in Nigeria writes: "We thank God for your services in raising future Christian Leaders all over the world through your ministry. We are a young christian volunteers reaching out to the unreached people in the rural communities in Nigeria. We train other christian leaders in each village we enter and hand over the work to them. We shall be pleased if you can help us get people who can subscribe on our behalf so we can make use of the materials in equiping our selves and training other leaders who may not have had opportunity of hearing about christian leadership in their lifetime." Reference number: 90022487
  • The Principal of a Pentecostal Bible institute desires sponsorship to The Pneuma Review for use in their program of training and commissioning of Christian workers. Reference Number: 90032618
  • A pastor with a PEFA church in Kenya seeks subscription sponsorship: "I have been involved in training church leaders and pastors in different parts of our country. Having heared about Pneuma Review as a helpful resources for training ministers, I'm interested in getting the subscription. This would help me in this ministry together with the church." Reference Number: 90045494

To sponsor one of these candidates, or for more information, please send an E-mail message to Member Services.

By sponsoring a subscription for a leader or ministry, you are furthering the vision of the Pneuma Foundation to lead Pentecostal/charismatic believers to a greater understanding of God's Word. You are helping equip leaders who are themselves equipping the saints for the work of the ministry.

Sponsors are encouraged to be in contact with the ministries and leaders they sponsor. This builds the bond of unity in the Spirit in the body of Christ, giving sponsors the knowledge that their contribution really is making a difference.

Sponsorships paid for subscriptions to the Pneuma Review are received as donations and are tax-exempt as allowed by law for all donations given by US citizens.