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   Studies in Contrasts - Volume 1 (6 of 13)

Volume 1

  1. Should a Christian Be Afraid of God?
  2. The Resurrection: A Matter of Reason or a Matter of Faith?
  3. Can We Learn from the Cults?
  4. Should We Be Waiting or Working As We Anticipate Christ's Return?
  5. Did Christ Come to Live or to Die for Us?
  6. Is Man Like God or Unlike God?
  7. Should a Christian Be Self-Controlled or Spirit-Controlled?
  8. Isn't the Holy Spirit All I Need to Understand the Bible?
  9. Can We Come to God Just As We Are?
  10. Is It Ever Right to Judge Others?
  11. Are We the Result of Our Parents' Choices?
  12. Does God Hold Us Responsible for Other People's Sin?
  13. Self-Esteem: Is It Right or Wrong?

Is Man Like God Or Unlike God?

When an agnostic questioned the idea of immortality, a listener made the statement, "If there is no life after death, we have the abilities of a god but the future of an insect." This raises the question: Are we really like God, or are we more like an insect? Well, the Bible tells us that we are like God. But it also says that we are very much unlike Him.


  1. Man was made to be like God in a manner different from all plants and animals (Gen. 1:26, 27).
  2. Man stands above the rest of creation in three ways. He has the capacity to reflect the creativity of the Creator, the ability to subdue the earth even as he himself is to be subject to God, and the ability to share, in at least some measure, the thoughts, feelings, and moral choices of God (Gen. 1; Psalm 8:3-8).
  3. With the aid of God's Spirit, man is able to imitate the love and truth-telling nature of God (Eph. 5:1-10).


  1. While the Lord's character is above flaw and reproach, man is polluted, compromised, and by God's standards, thoroughly sinful (Isa. 6:5,6).
  2. While God is above limitations of time and space, man's time on earth is limited and brief (Psalm 90).
  3. While God is all-powerful, man is weak (Isa. 2:12-22).


In some of his attitudes, man is like God. But in his moral and spiritual weakness he is very unlike the Almighty.


Created in the image of God, man possesses the attributes of personality--the ability to think abstractly, to experience a rich emotional life, and to make right choices even when doing so may be less attractive and more costly than the alternative. This sets him apart from every animal. He has achieved greatness in the arts and sciences--searching literature, exquisite paintings, magnificent sculpture, miracle-working medicines, amazing surgical procedures, mind-boggling computers, and awesome space technology. Then too, he has performed unselfish and heroic feats.

Man is also very unlike God. The natural man does not possess righteousness and holiness. The world of mankind is grossly immoral, has produced multiplied wars, commits unspeakable crimes, and perpetrates terrible injustices. His technological achievements have not been matched by moral or spiritual growth. Therefore, though the human race has many Godlike endowments, it is also very unlike God.

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