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Book Review: Thomas G. Long and Leonora Tubbs Tisdale, eds., Teaching Preaching as a Christian Practice: A New Approach to Homiletical Pedagogy (Westminster John Knox Press, 2008). Reviewed by Aldwin Ragoonath.
Book Review: Graham A. Cole, Engaging with the Holy Spirit: Real Questions, Practical Answers (Wheaton: Crossway, 2008). Reviewed by Bradford McCall.
Book Review: Bobby Welch, You, The Warrior Leader (Broadman & Holman, 2004). Reviewed by Kirk Hunt.
Book Review: Ben Witherington III, New Testament Rhetoric: An Introductory Guide to the Art of Persuasion in and of the New Testament (Cascade Books, 2009). Reviewed by Bradford McCall.
Book Review: Gene Veith, The Soul of the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Reviewed by Dave Johnson.
Book Review: John G. Stackhouse Jr., Humble Apologetics: Defending the Faith Today Reviewed by H. Murray Hohns.
Book Review: James W. Sire, Praying the Psalms of Jesus Reviewed by Bradford McCall.
"The Spirit of Life" by Winfield Bevins. Pastor Winfield Bevins introduces us to God the Holy Spirit and shows from the Bible how He helps us.
"Gospel Carriers (Old and New)" by Kirk Hunt.
Book Review: Kenneth Cain Kinghorn, The New Testament Gifts of the Holy Spirit Reviewed by Bradford McCall.
Book Review: Vinson Synan, Voices of Pentecost Reviewed by H. Murray Hohns. Added June 18, 2008.
"Captivity Of The Mind: Spiritually Understanding Abnormal Human Behavior" by Charles Carrin. Added May 1, 2008.
"Seek the Lord and Live" by Eddie L. Hyatt. Not gifts, not healing, not revival - seek the LORD. Added February 13, 2008.
"Angels of Light" by Eddie L. Hyatt. Is the Spirit of Mormonism Being Revisited in the Contemporary Charismatic-Revival-Prophetic Movement? Added February 7, 2008.
"What I Like and Don't Like About the Modern Charismatic Movement" by Eddie L. Hyatt.
"What Is Apostolic Doctrine?" by Eddie L. Hyatt.
Book Review: Ricky Roberts, Just When Did Spiritual Gifts Cease? Reviewed by Patricia Riley.
Book Review: John Piper, Amazing Grace in the Life of William Wilberforce Reviewed by John R. Miller. Added August 24, 2007.
Book Review: Don Finto, God's Promise and the Future of Israel Reviewed by H. Murray Hohns. Added July 13, 2007.
"Six Ways The Holy Spirit Will Communicate With You" by Charles Carrin. Hearing God is one of the most important privileges followers of Jesus can know.
Christian History: "Your Bible - The Holy Spirit's Amazing 'Work of Art'" by Charles Carrin. Reasons to be confident that the Bible you read is God's Word, preserved for Christians today as God creatively intended. Added March 29, 2007.
Christian History: "Believe in Miracles, But Follow Jesus" by Eddie L. Hyatt. Bible teacher Eddie Hyatt briefly looks at the unhealthy emphasis some place on supernatural signs and wonders. He challenges us to "Follow Jesus and let the signs follow you."
Christian History: "Herrnhut: A Caribbean Shrine You Need to Know" by Charles Carrin. Brother Carrin shares a lesson from church history about a renewal that changed missions and changed him forever.
"It's Easter Morning and the Lord has risen" by H. Murray Hohns. Pastor Mur shares his story of encountering the reality of the risen Christ.
Book Review: Kevin Adams, A Diary of Revival: The Outbreak of the 1904 Welsh Revival (Broadman & Holman Publishers, 2004), reviewed by H. Murray Hohns. Pastor Mur briefly reviews this centennial chronicle of the Welsh Revival. Online article added May 9, 2006.
"Lessons from a Lion" by Glenn E. Davis. Prophets with no names, lions that do not clean their plates, altars that split without an axe and a king with an arm that looks like a raisin: all these elements contribute to an intriguing and sometimes baffling story found in First Kings 13. Online article added April 21, 2006.
Book Review Essay: Phillip Duce & Daniel Strange, eds., Keeping Your Balance: Approaching Theological and Religious Studies Reviewed by W. Simpson.
Christian History: "Elsie Mason: A True Civil Rights Hero" by J. Lee Grady. Her death didn't grab headlines like Coretta Scott King's did. But Elsie Mason and her late husband captured heaven's attention.
Will I Still Be Me After Death? by Daniel A. Brown. Added February 3, 2006.
Heaven: Will I Have A Body In Heaven? by Daniel A. Brown.
Heaven: Will I Recognize My Loved Ones? by Daniel A. Brown. Added February 3, 2006.
Book Review: Thomas Oden and J. I. Packer, One Faith: The Evangelical Consensus Reviewed by Tony Richie. Added January 11, 2006.
Prayer: "Why Fasting Is Relevant For Today" by Dave and Kim Butts. An introduction to the spiritual discipline of fasting with prayer. Added December 21, 2005.
Prayer: "Partnering With God in Prayer" by Dave Butts. Becoming part of what God is doing in the earth today. Added November 14, 2005.
Prayer: "Becoming a Prayer Missionary" by Kim Butts. What is a prayer missionary? Added November 14, 2005.
Prayer: "Prayer Evangelism" by Bret Hammond. Praying for others should happen in more places than in secret. Added November 14, 2005.
Prayer: "The Prayer of Forgiveness" Kim Butts explains the joy of letting go of unforgiveness and the freedom that act brings. Added November 14, 2005.
Practical Ministry: "Praying For the Sick" Dave Butts offers biblical principles and practical advice about how we can pray for the sick.
Answers to Questions: "How Old Will I Be In Heaven?" More biblical answers about final reality. Added October 5, 2005.
Living for Jesus Today: Being the Church "Ministry Gift Mixes" An introduction to the gifts for service that God has given to every one of us. Added October 5, 2005.
"True for You (but not for Me)" from Facing the Challenge. Is Christianity just something that helps some people? Is there really any basis for right and wrong other than opinion? Added July 8, 2005.
Living for Jesus Today: "Questions To Ask When The Dough Is Low" by Daniel Brown. When we do not seem to have enough resource for our legitimate needs, is it always the case that we are being attacked by the devil, or that we have been disobedient with our money? Added July 6, 2005.
Study God's Word "Hints for Understanding 'Difficult' Bible Passages" Foursquare Pastor Daniel Brown offers useful tips for approaching God's Word.
"Pentecostals' Pursuit of Higher Education Sees 'Explosive Growth'" A growing number of Pentecostals and charismatics are pursuing higher education to go along with a higher calling. Added December 29, 2004.
The Importance of Biblical Teaching: "Word + Spirit = Power" by R.T. Kendall. A divorce of the Word and the Spirit in the church has resulted in "fast-food" teaching and preaching - often tasty, but seldom healthy. Added December 28, 2004.
The Importance of Biblical Teaching: "Itching Ears?" by R.T. Kendall. The church needs more than good experience - it needs good theology. Added December 28, 2004.
Trusting Jesus in a difficult situation: "His Move, His Touch" by Kirk Hunt. Are you in a desperate circumstance and can't see a way out? This devotional study from Pastor Hunt will encourage you and help you focus on Jesus.
Strengthening Your Faith: "Why I Believe the Bible" by James MacDonald. There are a lot of good reasons to believe that the Bible is God's book. Added December 8, 2003.
Leadership: "Church Structure" by Daniel A. Brown. When it comes to organizing a local congregation, "structure" should be a verb, not a noun. Added October 23, 2003.
Spiritual Gifts: "Spiritual Gifts 101" by Tracy Close. Introducing you to the gifts of the Holy Spirit spoken of in the Bible.
Leadership: "Delegation Fears" by Daniel A. Brown. Why is it so difficult for pastors to delegate significant work and ministry to the people in their churches? Added October 17, 2003.
Leadership: "Church Staffing Suggestions" by Daniel A. Brown. Added October 17, 2003.
Leadership: "Getting Your Church Unstuck From Growth Hindrances" by Daniel A. Brown. Practical suggestions for taking your church to the next significance level.
Church History: "What Church History Can Teach Us [Americans] about Personal Tragedy" by Larry Taylor.
Discipleship: "Churching Men" by Kirk Hunt. Pastor Hunt teaches how to reach, teach, and release men into their God-given destiny.
Study God's Word Outline Study of the Book of Acts Vineyard Pastor Bill Jackson outlines the book of Acts. Added September 11, 2003.
What is the Church? "The Invisible Post-Modern Church of God" In this guest article by David Redden, he discusses what an integrated paradigm of worship and discipleship might look like for today's Pentecostal/charismatic.
Worship: "Its All About You Jesus" Eddie L. Hyatt writes on recovering and restoring the meaning of true worship. Added August 7, 2003.
"Home-grown churches" By Craig Bird. Why some Christians never leave home to go to church. Added April 29, 2003.
"A churchless faith" By Craig Bird. What can we learn from the wounded and frustrated believers who are leaving the church to find God? Added March 12, 2003.
Living for Jesus Today: "When a Cloud Isn't a Crowd" Pastor Daniel Brown talks about being led by God in contrast to the persistent nagging to follow the crowd.
Christian History: "Historic Gathering Bridges Pentecostal and Charismatic Divides" Historic meeting recorded on the Pneuma Foundation Online Resource Center. Added January 17, 2003.
Sharing Jesus with Others "Needs-based evangelism" Looking at issues behind effective communication of the Good News. Added January 8, 2003.
Leadership "The Importance of Integrity in Ministry" American Church leaders stress the need for integrity in ministry. Added January 6, 2003.
Lessons from History "The Siege of Calais" A timeless lesson about mercy and intercession from the 14th Century.
God at Work Today "Like a Baby: To Be Born Again" From the heartache of abortion and the depths of despair a young woman finds new life in Jesus the Messiah. Added December 26, 2002.
Biblical Womanhood "Being Good to Your Husband" A pastor's wife writes about intentionally being the kind of wife God wants you to be. Added December 6, 2002.
Worship in the Community of the Redeemed "The Place of Children in Adult Worship" Janice Leonard. Learning by example, everyone should be part of the worship of the local congregation. Added November 19, 2002.
Living for Jesus Today: Submitting to Authority "Individualism" by Douglas Wilson. Some important lessons about what submission really is. Added October 14, 2002.
Living for Jesus Today: Being Led By the Holy Spirit "The Danger of the Comfort Zone" by R. T. Kendall. Added September 5, 2002.
Living for Jesus Today: Belonging to a Local Church - A Foundation for Belivers
Sharing Jesus With Others: Church Website Outreach Useful tools and practical advice about building or updating your church's website to be friendly for unchurched visitors. Added July 22, 2002.
Living for Jesus Today: "Being Watchful: E-mail Hoaxes and Scams" by Raul Mock. Practical advice about discerning everyday communication. Added April 23, 2002.
Prayer: "Dependency Upon God" by Dave Butts. Independence is an American ideal, but God-dependency is a believer's necessity.
Prayer: "Learning to Pray Together as a Family" by Kim Butts. Encouraging your family to pray. Added April 4, 2002.
Prayer: "How to Pray Effectively for New Believers" Scriptural prayers for disciple-makers.
Prayer: "Ask the Lord of the Harvest to Send Workers into His Harvest Field!" by Kim Butts. Asking God to raise up praying, going, and sending believers. Added April 3, 2002.
"Ten Things I've Learned About Raising Up Worship Leaders" by Andy Park
"Encouraging the Team" by Rick Kamrath
Bob Sorge, "The Art of Exhortation"
John Wimber, "Three Commitments"
"The Seduction of Public Leadership: Principles of Morality for Christian Leaders" by Stephen M. King
"How To Tell If Your Church Is Sick (While It Still Looks Healthy)" by Gil Cann
"Great Wealth" by Stella Ramsaroop. A Lesson in Contentment.
"Anti-Semitism in the Church" by Kevin Williams
Strengthening Your Faith: "Unify The Name" by Kevin Williams. The ancient Hebrew understanding of the tri-unity of God.
Strengthening Your Faith: "Why Believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob?" By Kevin Williams. A compelling reason to trust in God alone. Added February 18, 2002.
Prayer: "15 Ways to make prayer a natural part of your family life" by Kim Butts. Practical suggestions for making prayer a real part of your family. Added March 11, 2002.

Introduction to the Studies in Contrasts Series
From Volume 1:
  • Should a Christian Be Afraid of God?
  • The Resurrection: A Matter of Reason or a Matter of Faith?
  • Can We Learn from the Cults?
  • Should We Be Waiting or Working As We Anticipate Christ's Return?
  • Did Christ Come to Live Or to Die for Us?
  • Is Man Like God Or Unlike God?
  • Should a Christian Be Self-Controlled or Spirit-Controlled?
  • Isn't the Holy Spirit All I Need to Understand the Bible?
  • Can We Come to God Just As We Are?
  • Is It Ever Right to Judge Others?
  • Are We the Result of Our Parents' Choices?
  • Does God Hold Us Responsible for Other People's Sin?
  • Self-Esteem: Is It Right or Wrong?

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